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Pancake Brunch for 200-Make Ahead?
Hi Ellen-
I am doing a brunch for my son's graduation party and want to do pancakes. I would love to be able to make them ahead of time, and freeze them. I am wondering if you have any tips for freezing and reheating such a large quantity.
Thanks in advance for any help!
Jan, brunch is a great choice, but there are utterly delicious breakfast casseroles, such as baked French toast and maple date strata, on this site. Butter and syrup delicious. You really do not want to try to do pancakes for 200 people without a staff of at least 12 and 2 commercial size griddles.

The breakfast planning page will also help.

Take a look at the recipes- see the links on the Big Pots page- then write back if you want to. Happy graduation.

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