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Appetizers Quanities for wedding buffet
susan nink
How many appetizers per person, per hour for wedding buffet. There will be about 125 guests. The appetizers will be the meal at 5:00pm. I have my menu figured out, but not sure about calculating the amount needed. How many "bites" per hour, when the appetizers are the meal?
Susan, when you have an appetizer meal at 5 pm, you are looking at a major expense. It is actually MORE costly than some dinners, because [people eat up to 6 times as much as they would at a pre-dinner snack. I need to know what appetizers you are planning, whether alcohol is served and how long the party will last, in order to help with the estimate. Please write back.
Hi Ellen,Here is my menu. Beef and Chicken satey, tossed salad, cheese and fruit board,shrimp cocktail shooters,Baked brie, smokey cheese spred, veggie tray, humus, salsa, black bean dip, spring rolls, pesto pasta, meatballs, whitefish pate, tortellini skewers, fig ricotta crostini. I plan to keep food out for 2 hours, will leave chips and dips out longer. There will also be alcohol. I've done several weddings, its just been awhile and want to make sure. thanks
This is a complicated menu and is going to take a little time. This is how I would break it down:

Beef and Chicken satay,
shrimp cocktail shooters,
whitefish pate,

cheese and fruit board,
Baked brie,
smokey cheese spread,

breads and crackers

Tossed salad, maybe convert to classic relish trays, easier to eat and more in keeping with the menu.
veggie tray,

spring rolls,
tortellini skewers,

black bean dip,
pita chips
other chips
I would put by the veg tray, as some folks like to use the veggies for dippers

pesto pasta, use bow ties, cavatini, or other compact, non-sliding pasta

fig ricotta crostini
maybe one other "bite of" item

I will keep on this. Write back if you want to add or change anything.

Maybe add fruit trays with all the cheese

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