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Fruit and Vegetable Displays
I'm Thinking of starting a small business serving caterers, wedding, event, meeting planners, etc. local only. Fruit and vegetable displays featuring intricate carved produce for a Wow! With cheese and or meats, as an alternative or addition to large meal. Would there be a market for this? Thank you!
Brian, I am not the person to ask. I don't even know where you are, whether there are other businesses of this type in your area, what the party or business climate is. There are a few national franchises that do similar work. You might start there for info. Also your local SBA service corp of retired executives for the business plan end of it. Both the health and business licensing needs of this type business are complex, and vary from state to state and even county to county.

You might start by working for or offering your service to an established local caterer.

Thank you for the prompt response! I'm in Tennessee.Responses to the business idea from caterers have been positivethus far and yes, I'm trying to hook up with a reputable caterer in the area. Good suggestion. Thanks also for the SBA tip. :)
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