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amount of for graduation party
Deb Nevant
Having graduation party for 300. Menu is chix parm, penne, meatballs, sauce, sausage and peppers, italian greens, cheesey potatoes plus tossed and fruit salad. Foof being catared- how many servings chix, sausage, penne, meatballs should be ordered. Should I skip meatballs. Any advice welcome.
OK for 300 with mixed entrees, you have to order about 400 entree servings.

chix parm, 200
sausage and peppers, 150
meatballs, sauce, you can do these yourself easily and cheaply. 30 pounds frozen, 9 quarts sauce, heat in the oven covered, allowing 1 1/2 to 2 hours at 350 (middle of dish 165 on a quick read thermometer)

penne, 200
cheesy potatoes, 160

Italian greens, about 150
green beans, about 200 (or other neutral veg- broccoli?)

tossed salad- for 250- you can assempble this yourself from prewashed, ready to serve; see the plan for 100 list, it also has dressing advice.
fruit salad- about 10 gallons

Bread-36-40 pounds, 10 pounds butter, could be on tables.

A party this size takes 3 people in the kitchen and at least a dozen out front to set up. serve and clean up.\

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