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Potluck Wedding
Hi there,
I am having a potluck reception dinner for my wedding and it is backyard BBQ style.I have a suggested menu on my wedding website. Here is what it looks like below. How much would I need of each thing for 250-300 guests?

Foodies step forward! Dress it up or keep it simple! We can provide a recipe or create your own. No worries to out of state guests we don't expect that you will bring one.

Here are some suggestions for our Backyard BBQ style, potluck reception.

Upon arrival our greeters will take your dish or show you to the kitchen. We have great staff helpers (Toni's great friends from work!) they will reheat or chill your food and plate it. Please feel free to bring your dish in tupperware or disposable containers. The staff Diane, Jess, & Matt will replate it and present it at dinner time. I have always planned about a quarter pound per person. I am providing the meats.


Fruit Salad

Veggie Platter w/ Dips and Hummus

Cheese Platters & Antipasto Platters

Chips w/Salsa, Dip, Guacamole

Bruschetta or other Crostini and Toppers

Deviled Eggs

Shrimp Cocktail

Finger Sandwiches

Anything cute tasty and mini!

Side Dishes

Potato Salad New England & Southern Style

Macaroni & Cheese

Baked Beans

Collard Greens

Sliced Watermelon


Green Salad

Pasta Salad & Cole Slaw

Corn Bread and Corn Pudding

Grilled/Roasted Vegetables

Corn on the Cobb

Au Gratin Potatoes

Swedish & Italian Meatballs

Your Favorite Side Dish

At check in you will receive details of where to drop off your food. There will be helpers in the kitchen to heat it up or to keep it cool. Donít forget to pick up your dish before you leave.

Hi, Toni,

This is a remarkable undertaking for 200 people, and I would suggest you have someone to monitor and keep track of what is being offered- there are ways to simplify your listing to make it easier for people to figure out what to bring-

I also need to know what meat you are offering and whether you would be willing to add one potato/rice dish to your offering. If you do that, and everyone brings salads and desserts (which is very likely), you would still be OK.

You will need at least 4 refrigerators and 2-3 ovens to keep the food safe.

Write back.

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