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Wedding reception
Hi Ellen! Your website .. wow! I've been busily trying to figure out amounts when i realized i would check with you first. We are having a wedding reception for 75. It starts at 3pm. This is the menu
Marinated jumbo shrimp ( Im thinking 20 pounds)
Turkey/ham/roast beef pinwheels
Grilled chicken kabobs
Chicken salad sandwiches
spinach artichoke dip with crackers
pimento cheese dip with crackers/chips
corn dip with chips
fruit trays and display
several kinds of cheese and crackers
fresh veggies with ranch
a chocolate fountain (yikes!) with things to dip
The beverages are being served by the bartender so no worries there.
Here are my concerns .. 1) there is no oven and no grill for the kabobs. I can't decide if I should serve them cold or to heat and keep warm until wedding. I don't want them to dry out! 2) The artichoke dip .. can i serve it cold? Most recipes have melted cheese but I really wanted to serve them in bread rounds.3) Should i buy the shrimp already cooked and frozen to marinate or should I steam them and then marinate them? 4) I have figured I will need 960 bites total but Im having trouble coming up with the amounts I need. For instance .. how many bites will i get out of one pinwheel roll? How many of each should I make? The chicken kabobs are a few bites ... etc. I'm figuring about 20 cups of dip (so that would be divided by the 3 dips?) The chicken salad is going to be served with mini croissant rolls. Should i figure one per person? Honestly, I just can't figure it all out! I would be most appreciative if you would give me your input and advice on buying quantities!
OK, 75 people, mid afternoon, they will not be starving.

Marinated jumbo shrimp ( Im thinking 20 pounds)- yes. Marinate raw shrimp only about 3 minutes before steaming, or they get mushy.
1 cup (8 oz) cocktail sauce per 5, have both mild and spicy

Turkey/ham/roast beef pinwheels- people usually eat 2 pieces. Most groups, 1/2 turkey or beef, and the rest divided between the other 2. Used to be, beef was always the favorite; now in some areas turkey is. These hold.
Grilled chicken kabobs- do two per person- with your oven difficulties, though, consider somethin that could be done in a crock pot or electric fry pan- 8 pounds of meatballs? could do chicken with a bit of pineapple in the sauce...2 1/2 quarts of sauce.
Chicken salad sandwiches-skip, get soggy

spinach artichoke dip- 1 cup per 4
pimento cheese dip- 1 cup per 5
corn dip- 1 cup per 5. Trendy and interesting.

crackers/chips- about 4 pounds total chips, about 4 breads and/or crackers
I would definitely add 1 classic relish tray from the veggie tray page

several kinds of cheese- 6 pounds cheeses, 3 pounds crackers or crostini

fruit trays and display- use the fruit tray page; 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100 with a couple of extra quarts of strawberries would do it. With the cheese, rapes, and consider adding some dates and dried apricots.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site.

Thank you! Will you check my final #'s?
Pinwheels .. make 15 total (estimating 10 slices per roll)
120 oz. cocktail sauce
Kabobs ...she really wants them :( 18 lbs of raw chicken to cut and grill ? How many peppers and onions do you think i should buy?
75 rolls for the chicken salad. I will serve the rolls precut on the side of the salad.
15 cups Pimento and corn dip
19 cups spinach.
How do I keep the two dips warm to serve? Or should i serve them chilled?
I think I have the fruit and veggie figured out! Thanks for those pages :)
Can you recruit several electric fry pans to cook the kabobs at the site? Thoroughly brine or marinate the chicken to try to help with juiciness. About 9 pounds onions and peppers- some pineapple chunks are nice with chicken, too.
1 1/2 gallons chicken salad
I am not clear if the pimento and corn dips are 1 or 2.
Use 6 quart crock pots to keep dips warm.
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