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multiple entrees on a buffet
If you are serving multiple entrees on a buffet, how do you decide how much to make of each? We are planning a sit down buffet lunch - looks like right about 50. The menu is meat lasagna, cheese stuffed shells w/red sauce (for the vegetarians), and a chicken alfredo penne. I will be making full hotel pans. I am thinking 2 pans of lasagna, 1 of shells and 1 of penne - but that doesn't seem like much.
That would give you about 30 servings of lasagna, 15 each of the shells and alfredo. Cuts it pretty close, since people tend to take more, and some of each, with multiple entrees. 1 more pan of either the shells or alfredo would be my thought.

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Thank you... we expected more people to RSVP so I have plenty of money in my budget and it is totally up to me how much I make. I will make 2 pans of all of it - if we have leftovers, I am fine with that.
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