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baked potato bar for 150
I'm creating a menu for my wedding of 120 people (next week!) and am not sure how many toppings to make. I would like to offer chili, broccoli cheese soup, and pulled pork along with butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, onions, and peppers. Right now we're figuring about 2.5 gallons each of chili and soup and 37 pounds of pulled pork, but since not everyone will be taking each of these options I know this is too much. How much should I figure for the main toppings?
Did you find the potato/taco bar page?

You need about 5 gallons total of the meats; 37 pounds pork is about 4 1/2 gallons all by itself, so if you stick with the chili, you want abot 25 pounds of the pork.

Most people would take the soup as soup. If you want the broccoli, do about 6 quarts (18 pounds ready to cook) chopped, then do a cheese sauce separately, about 3 gallons (4-5 #10 cans nacho cheese sauce.

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