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Graduation party for 75
Lori Mcniff
Hi ellen, my menu is this ssusge and peppers,lemonchicken iwill use tenders beause it is nice and they are small eggplant parm , pasta ,salad rolls how many pounds of sauage and chicken do you think and eggplant there are plenty of aptz to start it starts at 4 till 9 thank you
OK, 75 people

sausage and peppers, 1 pound sausage per 4, equal weight veg
lemon chicken, 1 pound raw boneless tenders per 4
eggplant parm, 1 pound eggplant per 5
pasta, 9 pounds dry
salad, use 3/4 the amount for 100 from the plan for 100 page
rolls, 2 per person, get good ones, 2 pounds butter

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