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mac and cheese
cindy rose
I'm catering a wedding for the first time for a friend. 150 people how much mac and cheese. How is the cheddar cheese in bulk in the can for this. Also Im making chili. How much chili per person. Also ave pork sliders and appetizers and dessert
Have you done a meal this size before? In addition to the days of shopping and prep work, and the issue of safe storage for the 250 pounds of prepped food, on the day of, you need about 3-4 people in the kitchen and 8 out front to set up, serve and clean up this size party. None of these folks can attend the service, they will be working during that time.

You need at least 15 pounds of dry pasta, each pound uses 1 quart of white sauce and 1/2 to 1 pound of cheese. I don't use canned sauce, and would not use the canned sauce for a wedding dinner.

The chili, with the other items you mention, you need 1 1/2 times the church social chili recipe on my chili page, or an equivalent amount using your own recipe.

It would be thoughtful to prepare 1 crock pot of vegetarian chili for the non-meat eaters in the group- there will be some among 150 guests.

A wedding is the most challenging catering job, because it needs to be perfect. Please plan very carefully and you can write back if you need to.

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