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Cook Talk

Taco Bar for 500
My son graduates from High School next month. I live in a community where all the graduates (28 grads this year) have individual parties at their homes and guests party hop all evening. Everyone "picks" at each party. I am planning a Taco Bar at 5:30 pm, for 500 guests. As it's not a true dinner, I'm lost as to how much of everything I should make. I know you have the list for 100 people, but I need help determining how many batches of 100 I will need. 5 batches would simply be too much. In addition to the Taco Bar, I will have a dessert spread for people who arrive later in the evening and who have already eaten elsewhere.
28 grads and 500 guests? Yikes! 3 batches Would be what I plan, with the eternal delivery pizza as a late back up. I would suggest you do it with the nacho bar variation.
We're a resort community. In the winter there are approximately 2,500 residents and in the summer it expands to 10,000. The year-round community is highly involved in the lives our students. We are living and breathing proof of the saying, "It takes a village." Thank you for your input!
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