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Wedding Buffet Reception for 70
Hi Ellen! I am having a casual wedding Buffet reception for 70 guests. 55 adults and 15 kids. The restaurant said each full tray feed about 20 people but more food options will stretch the number of people fed per tray. Can you tell me if the below is a good number per dish? Please suggest which one I should increase or decrease. Or can remove altogether to save money. For instance, do I need to purchase food for kids separately? The variety seems to be kid friendly. Should I do mac and cheese if I have pasta? Please help

Salad (half tray)
Seafood Dip (2 full tray)
Crawfish Tails (1 full tray)
Crab Cakes (60pcs)
BBQ Meatballs (1 half tray)
Pulled Pork (15lbs)
Chicken Quarter cut in halves (50pcs)
Hurricane Shrimps (1 full tray)
Pasta Chicken (2 full tray)
Pasta Shrimp (2 full tray)
Hush Puppies (half tray)
Sautéed Spinach (half tray)
Mixed Veggie (half tray)

Chicken Tenders (half tray.. for kids)
Mac and Cheese (half tray... for kids)

OK, 70 guests, but some kids, I count this as 2/3 the amount for 100. This is what I would do.

Appetizer level
Seafood Dip (2 full tray)-ok; 5 pounds chips or 6-7 pounds bread pieces
BBQ Meatballs (1 half tray)? skip or do full tray
Add a fruit tray, possibly also a veg tray, use guides this site

Dinner level
Pulled Pork (15lbs)- makes about 75 sandwiches
Chicken Quarter cut in halves (50pcs)
Rolls, for sandwiches; need 2 gallons slaw, 2 quarts pickles, 6 pounds sliced onions, 2-2 1/2 quarts table sauce

Pasta Chicken (2 full trays)= 40 servings
Pasta Shrimp (2 full trays)= 40 servings
Withe the sandwiches, you don't need the pasta, or with the pasta, cut the pork and chicken about in half

Hurricane Shrimps (1 full tray)
Crawfish Tails (1 full tray)
Crab Cakes (60pcs)
These are high cost. I would consider doing just one of them and putting it on the appetizer level. Allow 2 quarts thin tartar type sauce for dipping

Salad (half tray)- not nearly enough. 2 trays. You could do this yourself with prewashed lettuce mixes from the grocery, about 6 pounds, and bottled dressing. See the plan for 100 table for amounts and dressing types.
Slaw is needed! See pork note.

Hush Puppies (half tray)? Skip?

Sautéed Spinach (half tray)- at least full tray
Mixed Veggie (half tray)- at least full tray
Consider adding tray of corn, especially if you do not increase both the above

Skip the rest of the stuff, plenty for the kids above
Chicken Tenders (half tray.. for kids)
Mac and Cheese (half tray... for kids)
You could have a jar of high quality creamy peanut butter and a good jam for kid back up.

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