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Graduation Party - lots of teens
I will not know how many people are coming to my daughters graduation until 5 days before the event. My family is helping me cook. Can you give me amounts needed basing it on 50 people and I can multiply from there (over 200 invites went out). The majority are teens, then adults, with only a small number of little children. The menu I'm planning: chicken (fried/mixed of breast, thighs, drums, wings); meat rigatoni; green bean casserole; baked beans; cole slaw; pasta salad; tossed salad; cake; lemonade and bottled water. I also plan to purchase some veggie trays and maybe fruit trays and tortilla chips to set out. The party starts around 1 and goes till 6 p.m. Also; do you think that is too many items?
OK, per 50 people

chicken (fried/mixed of breast, thighs, drums, wings); 50 pieces
meat rigatoni; 4 pounds pasta plus add ins

green bean casserole; my better green bean casserole serves 60, see amounts in that recipe
baked beans; 2 #10 cans- 4 pounds dry beans

cole slaw; 1 1/2 gallons
pasta salad; 3 pounds dry pasta
tossed salad; use the plan for 100 table, depends on what type salad

cake; full sheet serves 50

lemonade; 4 gallons

bottled water; 2 per person

Since you have salad, consider fruit trays instead of veggie trays.

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