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Coking for 250 people
I'm cooking for a party for 250ppl, i want to cook chicken marsala, was wondering if Mac and cheese, string beans, pasta salad,and meatballs is an ok menu, my family member wants to cook curry chicken with rice and devil eggs, should i add this to my menu,, what do you think about this menu,
Kim, I would definitely do rice or rice pilaf instead of mac and cheese, if you are going to have pasta salad. It also goes better with the chicken.

The chicken curry would be fine, and goes with the rice. Allow 3 whole eggs for each 2 people for deviled eggs.

Chicken marsala amounts per my recipe on this site.

string beans, 60 pounds ready to cook
pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100 plus add-ins
meatballs, 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds

Consider adding some kind of salad or slaw.

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want to make a electic roaster of scalloped potatoes ho do i cook them
want to make a electic roaster of scalloped potatoes ho do i cook them
Hi, Tessie, see the Nesco recipe:

My sons wedding around 200
What is cheaper as far as
Pulled pork or sloppy joes
How much meat?
Or mini ham cocktail sandwiches simple just meat n cheese
How much meat n cheese?
Can deli cut to fit the cocktail buns?
Then just chips n dip
There wanting simple less expensive
Dawn, the least expensive NICE wedding is a 1 or 2pm ceremony with a cake and punch reception after. Remember that guess spend 200-500 dollars for gift, outfit, travel, etc and try to avoid cafeteria type food.

Even a simple dinner for 200 day of takes 4 cooks, 10-12 servers out front, over 300 pounds of food...

The afternoon reception is so kind to guests also, as many can come that morning, leave that afternoon, saving 1 or 2 nights lodging. Senior guests and young guests also do much better. The bridal couple is not as exhausted at the end of the event, neither are your helpers. The venue is usually less expensive. Staffing, set up and cleanup are easier, and if you use some hired staff for the set up(which I strongly recommend), they are easier to find. You use 2/3 or less the food for a meal.

For 200 people, you would have a cake table, a groom's cake table (cuts wedding cake costs, which run $5+ per person), a 16 foot food table, a 16 foot sweets table and a beverage table. If alcohol is served, that is another separate serving area.

Food table- dollar size sandwiches, a pasta salad, a creamy fruit/sweet salad, a relish/antipasto veg display, a bean salad such as seven bean salad or Texas caviar; cheeses including some spreads or logs with crackers; some dips such as hummus, baba ganouj, or queso with veggies and chips

Sweets table- cookies, bars, brownies, fruit trays, pudding or dessert shooters. You can start baking and freezing now.

Beverage table- sweet/flavored and unsweet tea; punch; lemonade; flavored waters; aqua frescas or horchata. Coffee and decaf coffee.

Even if they decide to do the foods themselves, hiring staff for the set up, service, and clean up day of is a brilliant way to focus the families on the wedding, not the mechanics.

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Remember people are dressed up and those sandwiches are sloppy. Much better to have a special non-meal reception than a cheap dinner.

I’m helping put together a wedding reception for 250 people. It will be an evening wedding and it will be bore d’oeurve type foods served as a meal. The bride wants the following:
Cold spinach dip with crackers (25 pints dip)
Meatballs (75 pounds - aprox 5-6 meatballs per guest)
Mini Ham & Cheese Sliders (150 each)
Mini Turkey & Cheese Sliders (150 each)
Chicken Salad On mini croissant (150 each)
Assorted mini quiche (500 each)
Queso/Cheese Dip with chips (25 pints)
Cream cheese pinwheels (500 each)

Drink options are punch (16 gallons) and water

I’m having trouble calculating quantities of each. I have put what I *think* I may need above in parenthesis. This seems like a LOT of food, but I’ve never quite done it on this scale before. Can you give me any advice if I should increase/decrease amounts?

What time is the wedding? If t is 7, people will eat first and you will need half the food you would have if it is 5 and they come hungry, Write back.
The wedding ceremony is scheduled for 4:30 with buffet to follow at aprox 5:30ish

Any help is appreciated :)

They will be starving and you would plan about 1 1/2 pounds of food per person.

Also, does your bride understand hat any party this size requires 5-6 people n the kitchen and about 15 people out front to set up, serve, and clean up the party? They can't be part of the wedding party because the setup occurs during the ceremony. To set food up before the event is unsafe food handling.

What is the venue, and how is the kitchen equipped, stoves/ovens, fridges/cold rooms, etc? Again we are talking over 300 pounds of food.

Is there a reason for no fruit or vegetable items? These fill out he menu a a lower, sometimes much lower, cost. If you have these options I can help with menu suggestions. The current menu has almost nothing for non-meat eaters.

Write back again!

So write back again.

Yes, we have several people who are not associated to the wedding festivities helping prepare and serve food. This will be a buffet style where guests will serve themselves and we have help coordinated to help keep the buffet clean and stocked. The venue is a full kitchen with access to stove and two very large food warmers and two commercial grade size refrigerators.

At the request of the bride they did not want any fruit or vegetable options.

My main concern was the quantity of the sliders/sandwiches. Not every guest will take one of each so I’m wondering if I have calculated those numbers correctly. Also the you think 16 gallons is enough for the amount of people she plans on attending?
The only drinks she has planned is the punch and water.

I have calculated 1/4 cup of dip per person for the spinach and queso and aprox 2-3 pieces per person for the quiche and pinwheels. 5-7 meatballs per person.

Do you think those calculations are correct or do you feel more sandwiches/punch etc are needed?

Thank you in advance for your advice. I had researched SEVERAL websites and found this has been by far the most helpful!

Just checking back to see if you had a chance to review. Getting my lists together and having a pre-ceremony meeting this week to go over planning.

Thanks in advance.

Cooking for 250 people
I am sorry a family medical emergency hit me over the last 10 days.

Boo, a wedding reception can ruin your catering rep, even if you do EXACTLY what they ask. Part of a pro's responsibility is to help the inexperienced client plan a successful menu, and the one you are doing is NOT going to satisfy the guests, most of whom have spent $200-500 for present, outfit, travel, etc. It is dinner time; sandwiches only with no fruits or veggies is a bad plan, there is almost nothing for any non-meat eaters to eat, and YOU are the one who will be considered responsible. That said, here are my notes:

Meatballs (75 pounds - aprox 5-6 meatballs per guest), 15 pounds small per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 100

Mini Ham & Cheese Sliders (150 each)
Mini Turkey & Cheese Sliders (200 each)
Chicken Salad On mini croissant (200 each)

Cream cheese pinwheels (500 each), you will have a lot left unless these are a variety of assorted fillings, most people will only take 1

Assorted mini quiche (500 each), 400

Queso/Cheese Dip with chips (25 pints) pint serves 5 to at most 8
Cold spinach dip with crackers (25 pints dip) pint serves 5 to at most 8.
6 pounds crackers per 100
6 -pounds potato chips or 8 pounds corn chips per 100

Not enough food. Add 45 pounds ready to eat fruit; 30 pounds finger veg with 3 gallons ranch dip, or 6 gallons antipasto veg (recipe this site).

Your menu would benefit hugely from one carb side dish such as a fancy pasta salad or exotic potato or quinoa salad, 3 gallons per 100, or 8 for 250. Visualize the plate.

Increase punch to 20 gallons. Consider unsweet iced tea for the (many) people who don't do sugar drinks. Consider that most people like reception level coffee with the cake. Flavored waters in large carafes, cucumber mint, lemon berry, etc are prettier and more party-ish than plain.

I hope you can work with the situation, it could be very hard on your rep.

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