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Coking for 250 people
I'm cooking for a party for 250ppl, i want to cook chicken marsala, was wondering if Mac and cheese, string beans, pasta salad,and meatballs is an ok menu, my family member wants to cook curry chicken with rice and devil eggs, should i add this to my menu,, what do you think about this menu,
Kim, I would definitely do rice or rice pilaf instead of mac and cheese, if you are going to have pasta salad. It also goes better with the chicken.

The chicken curry would be fine, and goes with the rice. Allow 3 whole eggs for each 2 people for deviled eggs.

Chicken marsala amounts per my recipe on this site.

string beans, 60 pounds ready to cook
pasta salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100 plus add-ins
meatballs, 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds

Consider adding some kind of salad or slaw.

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want to make a electic roaster of scalloped potatoes ho do i cook them
want to make a electic roaster of scalloped potatoes ho do i cook them
Hi, Tessie, see the Nesco recipe:

My sons wedding around 200
What is cheaper as far as
Pulled pork or sloppy joes
How much meat?
Or mini ham cocktail sandwiches simple just meat n cheese
How much meat n cheese?
Can deli cut to fit the cocktail buns?
Then just chips n dip
There wanting simple less expensive
Dawn, the least expensive NICE wedding is a 1 or 2pm ceremony with a cake and punch reception after. Remember that guess spend 200-500 dollars for gift, outfit, travel, etc and try to avoid cafeteria type food.

Even a simple dinner for 200 day of takes 4 cooks, 10-12 servers out front, over 300 pounds of food...

The afternoon reception is so kind to guests also, as many can come that morning, leave that afternoon, saving 1 or 2 nights lodging. Senior guests and young guests also do much better. The bridal couple is not as exhausted at the end of the event, neither are your helpers. The venue is usually less expensive. Staffing, set up and cleanup are easier, and if you use some hired staff for the set up(which I strongly recommend), they are easier to find. You use 2/3 or less the food for a meal.

For 200 people, you would have a cake table, a groom's cake table (cuts wedding cake costs, which run $5+ per person), a 16 foot food table, a 16 foot sweets table and a beverage table. If alcohol is served, that is another separate serving area.

Food table- dollar size sandwiches, a pasta salad, a creamy fruit/sweet salad, a relish/antipasto veg display, a bean salad such as seven bean salad or Texas caviar; cheeses including some spreads or logs with crackers; some dips such as hummus, baba ganouj, or queso with veggies and chips

Sweets table- cookies, bars, brownies, fruit trays, pudding or dessert shooters. You can start baking and freezing now.

Beverage table- sweet/flavored and unsweet tea; punch; lemonade; flavored waters; aqua frescas or horchata. Coffee and decaf coffee.

Even if they decide to do the foods themselves, hiring staff for the set up, service, and clean up day of is a brilliant way to focus the families on the wedding, not the mechanics.

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Remember people are dressed up and those sandwiches are sloppy. Much better to have a special non-meal reception than a cheap dinner.

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