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Chicken fingers/nuggets for 30 people
I am planning a small graduation party which will start at 6:30/7 (depending on when ceremony ends) and my son wants Chick fil a fingers and nuggets - unfortunately their website only tells how many per tray, not how many people it will serve. How many chicken fingers per person? How many nuggets per person (mainly for kids)

Thank you so much!

The large tray of either has 25 servings. 1 large strips and 1 large nuggets should be enough for this party. If you add some rolls, people will make sandwiches....

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Thank you - one more question and I will be glad to donate to this page :) Chick-fil-a has cold servings or hot servings..graduation is at 2 and will last 3-4 hours (ugh - lots of kids at his school) - party is at 6:30 - I plan to pick up in the morning and then reheat quickly when we get back from graduation - should I get the hot and then chill or just get the cold -wasn't sure which is fresher...thanks again
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