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Fun appetizers for wedding of 150
Future Mrs. Speed
Hi Ellen, I have fallen in love with your page. I am getting married 6/21/14! I plan on having 150 guest and three buffet tables and have a separate set up on each table. Table #1 ALL chicken, I want to do chicken kabobs with fillers like onion and.peppers, mini pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, mini chicken fajitas( slasa and sour cream on side). Table #2 Carbs, mashtinis with toppings on side (which I will probably have bacon bits, shredded cheese, green onions, sour cream) and Spanish fired rice. Table #3 Veggies, Veggie mix of.broccoli cauliflower and carrots( frozen bag I think) and salad. Could you please help me!!!!!! My aunt everything I am on a tight.budget of about $300, is this realistic and how much of everything would I need. It's an evening reception, wedding at 4pm and reception immediately following. Cocktail hour between and I planned on just having fruit and veggies tray set up for that. Am I in over my head or could we pull this odd????!?!?!?! Thanks :-)
Hi, FMS,

It's a do-able menu, there are 3 difficulties;
the budget, the staffing, and the table set up. For a dinner, the minimum budget is around $8-9 per person, not counting the wedding cake or the staff. The needed staffing day of, is 3 people in the kitchen, and about 9 people out front to set up, serve, and clean up the party, and they won't be attending the wedding because they will be setting up. You would need to set up the tables 2 sided; 150 people at one table for the entree will take about an hour and a half to serve themselves, not desirable.

If you are really strapped for cash, plan a 1PM wedding and an afternoon tea-type reception.

Also, this is a commercial kitchen needed for the menu, so what is the venue? Would you be open to a single entree, if you decide to stick with dinner?

Please write back.

Future Mrs. Speed
Wow sorry for the delay, didn't expect such a quick response! So here is what.I.came up with based on some of ur.charts...
Il do chicken tacos and Spanish rice pulled chicken bbq sandwiches and mashtinis, and steamed mixed veggies

30 whole chickens (2pk) 15 for shredded chicken meat for tacos and 15 for shredded meat for pulled sandwiches

30 pks of taco seasoning

8 pks of 24 soft shells

25lbs of shredded.cheese (tacos and mashtini toppings abbt&m)

8 heads of lettuce

15 pts of picante

2bags of onions (t&m)

30 cups of sour cream(t&m)

200 Mini bread rolls for sandwiches

12 cups of rice

10 cans(16oz) dice tomatoes

9 bags of.potatoes

2 packs of butter

I bag of chives

3 containers of bacon bits

160 plastic martini glasses

Please let me know if you feel each would be suffice. I am not sure how much of each dish I should have should I plan each dish for 150ppl or slipt the amount of each dish or double each I do realize I will need to increase my budget so this will work. Thank u sooooooo much and I will definitely donate for this awesome advice and refer everyone who plans on hosting any kind of diy parties :-)

30 whole chickens (2pk) 15 for shredded chicken meat for tacos and 15 for shredded meat for pulled sandwiches
Allowing 3 pound per chicken, this is 90 pounds whole which is 90 cups shredded meat. For 150 people, 75 cups would do- about 24.

30 pks of taco seasoning- use the homemade taco seasoning on this site- much cheaper.

8 pks of 24 soft shells- I would do at least 300 shells- many people take 3-4, eat some unfilled.

25lbs of shredded.cheese (tacos and mashtini toppings) that's 100 cups- 20 pounds would be OK

8 heads of lettuce- go 12 pounds, some folks will make taco salad

15 pts of picante- OK

2bags of onions (t&m)? about 12 pounds

30 cups of sour cream(t&m)- about 12 pounds

200 Mini bread rolls for sandwiches- OK

12 cups of rice- do at least 8 pounds

10 cans(16oz) dice tomatoes- get #10 cans, 4

9 bags of.- you need at least 45 pounds

2 packs of butter- at least 5 pounds

I bag of chives- you want to end up with 10 cups- could also use green onions instead

3 containers of bacon bits- at least 6 cups and get real ones

160 plastic martini glasses- OK

I would definitely add 3 #10 cans of black beans or if not available, pinto beans, well seasoned. Also 3 quarts sliced jalapenos.

Please consider an appetizer table- I have written about why several places.

Future Mrs. Speed
Ok so what is #10 cans? I see that.for the beans and dice.tomatoes. Also when you say consider an appetizer tabpe, could you elaborate, please sorry I am new to all of this :-)
Future Mrs. Speed
Is that a different set up than.two line.buffet style, also.not sure if.I.mentioned this is be the main course meal so do these numbers still suffice?
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