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Cook Talk

How much
Getting Married at 7:00 pm. Thinking of doing cheese & crackers, veggies and dips, chips & pretzels around 8:00pm. Serving make yourself sandwiches pork, turkey and smoked meat and all the fixings around 10:30pm. 160 people coming to the wedding. I just need to know how much to make. This is a local wedding and most people live and work within 1/2 hour of where reception is being held.
You need 3 lines, or 2 double lines

You need a few people in the kitchen to set up, who won't be at the wedding.

cheese, 1 pound per 10
crackers, 6 pounds per 100
veggies, use the veggie tray page
dips, Ranch dip for veggies, use the veggie tray page; for the chips, 1 pint per pound
suggest you do a hot dip in the crock pot as one of the chip dips, such as queso, or spinach artichoke
chips, 1 pound per 12
pretzels, 6 pounds per 100
You need to add to this:
fruit tray, use the fruit tray page
a meaty item, such as 10 pounds meatballs with 3 quarts sauce per 100; or 15 pounds little smokies.

make yourself sandwiches
pork, turkey and smoked meat; turkey usually most popular, 1/2, then 1/4 each of the others
and all the fixings, use the sandwich planning page
sliced cheese needed, 1 ounce per person
Add potato or pasta salad, 6 gallons
add a bean dish, 4 gallons
add a salad or slaw, 4 gallons slaw or salad per the plan for 100 page

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