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Retirement reception for 300
We are hosting a retirement reception and would like to know how much food to make given the menu we have put together. We expect around 300 "drop ins" who will meet, greet, snack, and leave. Here's the menu:
Finger sandwiches - Egg salad, pimiento cheese, cream cheese and marmalade
Fruit/Veggie/Cheese trays with assorted crackers, chips and dips
Mini cream puffs
Home made cookies
Sheet cake
Mini meatballs
Punch & bottled water
Thank you!
Hi, this is up twice.

Finger sandwiches - Egg salad, pimiento cheese, cream cheese and marmalade
I would definitely add one meaty type, thin roast beef or ham, ham salad, etc.
Plan 1 regular sandwich per person, cut into 3-4 pieces. Pepperidge Farm makes a thin sliced bread nice for these sandwiches
Mini meatballs- 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds

Fruit trays, use the fruit tray page for amounts- you want about 1 pound ready to eat per 15
Veggie trays, use the veggie tray page
Ranch dip as suggested on the page

Cheese trays, 28 pounds
crackers, 18 pounds

chips, 1 pound per 15
dips, 1 pint per pound

nuts, 12 pounds

Mini cream puffs- 2 per person
Home made cookies- smallish, 2 per person
Sheet cake- full sheet serves about 60- 2 2 layer sheets would be possible, or 4 single sheets

Punch- 24 gallons
6-8 gallons unsweetened iced tea with sweetener selection for the no sugar folks

bottled water- I would get 500 bottles, somewhere I could take back unopened cases

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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