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pot luck
my son is getting married in a few weeks and they want to have a potluck buffet around 6:00 PM.At times, I feel like I'm in a state of panic! How do I help them plan for this so that we are sure there is enough food?? I plan to make some au gratin potatoes and some kind of turkey/ stuffing with gravy casserole, just to make sure there is a "filler" in case the supply is limited. How would you go about planning for this? This is "putting me over the edge"! I need to keep reminding myself that this is their wedding and I should not feel responsible for it.
OK, deep breaths, this is not the easiest thing to set up and you don't say how many people. You have picked good fillers.

au gratin potatoes- do you want to do 2 electric roasters? They serve 50-60 each. Recipe here:
some kind of turkey/ stuffing
2 16 pound turkeys
How about picking up a big spiral sliced ham and some spicy mustard for insurance?

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