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Cook Talk

We are a deli ,bakery ,coffee shop in Ketchikan Alaska .one of our customers wants us to cater for 100 people at his retirement there a rule of thumb for pricing...we have been asked to do a fruit platter,broccoli salad,coleslaw,sliders sandwiches with different fillings and do we go about pricing.. What it cost us plus what,or per person...
Thanks for your help...
I don't do pricing- too much regional difference- but most caters charge 3-4 times the cost of the food, depending on how much set up, service, and rental is involved in the contracts (you do have a written contract, yes?); 1/2 up front and 1/2 on delivery day of.
Do check your liability insurance; you could be responsible for any claim of food related illness, plus any injury to guests or staff.

In the contract you specify, number of guests, charges for extra guests, who owns leftover food, etc. Many caterers do not leave extra food with clients do to liability issues if stored incorrectly.

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