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community picnic
Picnic for 600ppl. How much hamburgers,hotdogs,sausage peppers&onions also potato salad,pasta salad,baked beansand condiments would I need?
hamburgers, 1 per person, will allow seconds for the hungry. If not allowing seconds, about 500
hotdogs, I hate estimating these, especially with the sausage and peppers; 300?
Note: good recipes for coney sauce and hot dog chili here:
sausage, peppers & onions, allow 1 pound sausage per 8, about 12 pounds per 100, equal weight veggies

Buns to go with the amount you select, allowing5 buns per pound of sausage

You need a few dozen veggie burgers for the non-meat eaters in this size crowd. Have a separate grill just for these, so they don't get meat on them.

potato salad, 4 gallons per 100
pasta salad, 3 gallons per 100 (about 6 pounds dry pasta); use elbow macaroni, rotini or, or bowties for best holding power
baked beans. 3 gallons (4#10 cans) per 100, have some meatless
condiments, see the sandwich planning page for guide for 100

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