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Marzetti for 300
I work in a soup kitchen and am making marzetti for 300 people. How much ground beef, pasta, and pasta sauce will I need?
Assuming there will not be too much other foods at this meal, this is very similar to the basic baked spaghetti for 100 here:

That recipe makes just 100 moderate servings, uses canned diced toamtoes instead of pasta sauce. To allow for some seconds, increase the pasta to 8-10 pounds, you can get away with not increasing the meat..

Basically, I use 1 quart sauce per pound of pasta as a ballpark figure, and at least 25 pounds ground beef per 100. I like 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound of pasta, cheesy like =mac and cheese, yo can cut back if the budget does not permit.

Blessings on your work Cook a lot of love into it.

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