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veggie amounts
Hi Ellen when figuring fruit and veggie amounts for appetizer before a wedding-I am finding conflicting info 2 oz per person would be about 34# total But when figuring the amounts when doing it by the tray it is 83#
Which should I go by?
Assuming you are looking at 250 people? For appetizer level, about 2 ounces per person plus dip is plenty, given a plain raw veggie tray, assuming there are other appetizers. The tray designs, especially the relish tray, have add ins, which add to amounts, and is why it says serves 60 people stand alone, over 100 as part of a salad or appetizer spread.

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There are no other appetizers It is just a huge veggie
display- and the menu is very small for dinner
1 meat 1 potato and one veggie and rolls
Veggie display is for one hour pre wedding
Not my Menu it is the brides--

this is what I have

8# Black Oliives, 8# baby dills,8# sweet baby , 8#cauli, 8qts grape tom, 8 seedless cukes, 8 ea all yellow squash, 6# celery,6 # brocc,radishes for decor,4# baby peppers,purple leaf lettuce
these are done weights

Yikes, I see your dilemma. The pickles, olives don't count as veggies for this purpose. I think under the circumstances, I would go with your current plan, especially if it is over 200 people.

Can you add in 20 pounds of cheese cubes, maybe including some feta? How about a thick Ranch dip, at least 1 cup per 8 people? Either or both would help.

You might, if you are in a position to do so, as what will serve as an entree for the non-meat eater guests. With 200 people, there will be several.

Thanks sooo much. I am serving 2 kinds if dip
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