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CAMP FOR 50 people
We are having a camp for 50 people on june 19-21, for one of the days we are having mashed potatoes and chicken skewers on the grill with romaine/cabbage salad with cilantro dressing and thats it..
How much pounds of rustic potatoes do I need?
How much pounds of chicken do I need?
and How many romaine and cabbage heads do i need? with about how many bottles of dressing?
thank you so much!
Anna, unless you are in a real kitchen, mashed potatoes are not the best choice- people love baked, or even boiled, potatoes and they are MUCH simpler. Also, more filling.

You want about 20 pounds potatoes, depends on size if you bake them, 1 each plus a few extra, see the taco/potato bar page.
You need 1 pound boneless, skinless, or 2 pounds whole for each 3 people.
4 pounds cabbage, 3-4 romaine, 2 quarts dressing.
You need to add rolls, and to make sure there are no vegetarians, or get a pack of frozen unchicken cutlets for them.

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