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Cook Talk

Rustic Reception for 200
Your expertise is needed. Reception begins with cocktail hour at 6pm with meal served around 6:30-7. Serving cheese cubes/slices - 7 different types including 2 spreads (30#total), crackers (20#), Salami's - 3 types(#40) and (6#) Olives. Also will have 4oz serving of Gazpacho (#50lbs). Alcohol will be served all night.
For the meal will have French Dips (100#raw)/with Caramelized Onions served on Medium Sized Croissants & Au Jus,
Deluxe Chicken Salad (40#) served on Croissants same size buns.
Sides Loaded Baked Potato Salad(9 gallons), Baked Beans(6 gallons), Italian Pasta Salad (beginning w/#17 lbs dry pasta) and (60# fresh fruit with dip.)
Meal is buffet with Sandwiches made by staff. Any suggestions would be most helpful.
You really did grand, you will probably have chicken salad left. The only suggestion is, you only need about 12 pounds dry pasta for the pasta salad, 15 pounds crackers, and 40 pounds ready to eat weight fruit would likely be enough- I assume there is cake?
You might want a gallon of egg salad in case of vegetarians- there will probably be some.

Good job!

I read your post and studied all your great insight which was of great value. Thank you so much for the nice compliment. You are correct there is cake and I was trying to think of something for the vegetarians. We are in beef county so I think like you there will be chicken salad left.
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