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Cook Talk

Reheating chicken
Joseph Becci
Ellen.. I'm making chicken involtini (roll ups) for 80 people. I'd prefer to not cook this at the event if possible but everything I've read says reheating yields rubbery chicken.

I know you should never par-cook chicken and finish later but could I just need to sear it and cool it quickly for completion later.

Or too risky and just bit the bullet and cook onsite??

Thanks. Joe

This is a quandary, isn't it?

Basically, if you want to do the sear thing, you need to count the whole time out of the fridge, including the cook time, the transport time, etc, as part of the 4 hour food 40-140 safety time limit (which also includes the serving time). So leave all but the pan you are dealing with, in the fridge, and put it back in as soon as cooked- no sittingg around..

You can also brine the meat before cooking, which would reduce the effects of reheating.

As you have guessed, on site day of is the optimum choice for both safety and flavor.

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