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Dinner for ~ 40
Planning dinner for one night during our beach family reunion. Planning for Chicken nuggets or fingers with sauces Mac and cheese Salad Fruit and dessert. How many pounds of chicken do I need? Nobody under age 10
Fingers/tenders are much preferred by most adults. You need at least 1 pound per 3.
Sauces, 1 cup per 4, increase slightly for several sauces.

Mac and cheese, 1 pound dry pasta per 8, 1 quart sauce and 1/2-1 pound cheese per cup of pasta. Good recipes on this site for both classic and economy mac and cheese

Salad, use the plan for 100 page, do 1/2

Fruit, use the fruit tray page, plan for 6-8 bites/pieces per person. 1/3 the deluxe tropical tray would be about right.

Suggest you consider adding 1 gallon of an interesting cold dish such as 3 bean salad, Texas caviar, corn/black bean salsa.

Suggest you have about 6 pounds or really good rolls or breads, 1 1/2 pounds butter.

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