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Catering fo 125
Hi Ellen, I am catering for 125 people, I will not be there to serve. This is the menu:

2 large pans( full tins) Garden Salad
9lb Asian Coleslaw
10lb Potato Salad
100 pieces Drums and Thighs
25 bone in Breasts
40lb pulled Pork( 40lb raw bone in Pork butt to start)
9dz mini corn muffins
11 dz mini slider rolls
What do you think of these amounts Thank you

Hi, Michelle, your meats are plenty, in fact you will have some pork left; your sides are short. This is what I would do:

2 large pans(full tins) Garden Salad- 0nly about 80 servings. You need 3 quarts assorted dressings
9lb Asian Coleslaw - double

10lb Potato Salad- at least 30 pounds- it is the only starch on the menu- I usually do 45 for this size group

9dz mini corn muffins- most people take 2-3- at least 14 dozen
11 dz mini slider rolls- OK, but there will be a lot of pork left- a pound makes 8-10 sliders

You need pickles and onions- at least 8 pounds sliced and soaked onions, a gallon of pickles

If this is a paid gig, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per person, to support this site. Thanks.

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