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luncheon for 90 year old Dad
I am having a party of 80 to celebrate Dad's birthday at hall...
I am thinking 3-4 finger sandwiches pp
2 oz tossed salad pp
1/4 lb potato salad pp
5 bags chips
pickle tray
2 fruit trays
400 napkins
200 cups
200 each silverware
135 plates 135 dessert plates
115 soda/water mixture
coffee,cream, sugar
there is a cash bar there

Do you think I have too little/too much of anything? Or do you suggest more of anything?

You have almost enough- assuming that many of the guests are his age group, and the relish and fruit trays are large. If it is at lunch time, go with 4-5 pieces of sandwich. You might add another 10% on the potato salad, make sure you have over 10 pounds of fruit, and consider adding something interesting such as deviled eggs (2 whole eggs per 3 people), cocktail meatballs (3 pounds, 2-3 quarts sauce), etc.

I would add 2 gallons of sweet iced tea and a gallon of unsweetened.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

The meatballs should say 8 pounds, not 3, with 3 quarts of sauce.
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