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Italian food/grad party
Your site is so helpful, thank you!

College grad party this Saturday, 1 - 5pm. Having 60 adults, 20 kids under 10.

Will be ordering from Italian restaurant: 1 full tray chicken parm, 1 full tray eggplant parm, 1 full tray chicken marsala, 1 six foot hero.

I plan on making: 3 half trays (11x9) lasagna (no meat), 1 full tray (19x11) sausage & peppers, 1 full tray roasted green beans, 1 full tray penne alla vodka, 1 half tray tilapia, 1 half tray homemade mac n cheese, 1 half tray chicken nuggets (for kids), plus a large green salad.

Is this enough food? (I think we might need another 6 ft hero?) Do you have another suggestion especially as far as the penne/vodka? I'm worried it wont hold up or transport well.

I will be making it at my house and transporting it to my niece who lives 20 minutes away.

Is this doable or insane?
I appreciate your help!

You have plenty of meats and sandwiches.

You need side dishes, add at least 2 full trays of mac or pasta.

You could do my alfredo style sauce that holds on the spaghetti page, instead of ala vodka- it holds better and would be a nice complement to the lasagna.

Everything else looks great- you could skip the chicken nuggets.

Enjoy your party.

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