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graduation party for 75
I am having a grad party for 75. It will be a mix of all ages. The menu planned is a fruit and cheese tray, crudité tray. The appetizers will be buffalo chicken spring rolls, chicken sate, mini beef sliders, and mini crab cakes.
The entrees will include bbq pulled pork, Sausage with peppers and onions, meatballs and sauce. Baked ziti and penne with chicken and sundried tomatoes. Caesar salad. How much of everything???
fruit, 4 bites per person, see the fruit tray page
cheese tray, 1 pound per 12
crackers, 4 1/2 pounds
crudité tray, use the veggie tray page, do for 50
buffalo chicken spring rolls, 2-3 bites per person, about 1 roll
chicken sate, 1 skewer
mini beef sliders, 1 per person
mini crab cakes, 2 per person
This is a lot of appies, you could skip 1 or even 2 and still have plenty

bbq pulled pork, 1 pound ready to serve per 8
Sausage with peppers and onions, 1 pound per 6, equal weight veggies
meatballs and sauce, 10 pounds, 3 quarts sauce
Select a good hard roll that can make a sandwich, allow 1 1/2 to 2 per person, some left

Baked ziti- meatless, for any vegetarians in the crowd
penne with chicken and sundried tomatoes. You could easily skip the chicken in this!
You want a total of 1 pound pasta per 8, divide according to your preference.

Caesar salad. Use plan for 100, do 3/4

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