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6/28 HS graduation party 50ppl
Hi Ellen,
I just found your site and I am more than appreciative of all the info you supply! Grad party is this Saturday. I "think" I'm on a decent track but could use some reassurance/guidance.
Appss (2-3pm)

Tortilla chips/salsa
3lbs chips
3lbs salsa

Cheese/cracker tray
2 /4lbs crackers

50 people, I would do 4 pounds chips, 4 pints salsa; 4-5 pounds cheese, 3 pounds crackers
whoops. The entire message didn't post. decided using phone to post wasn't a good idea

2.75 lbs assorted crackers
1lb ea pepper jack and colby jack
1.5 ea sharp and mild cheddar
1lb pepper crusted salami slices
1lb pepperoni slices

veggie tray
1.5 lb baby carrots
1 lb celery
2 lbs bell peppers
2 pints grape tomatoes
3 cucumbers
32 oz dip

fruit tray
1/2 lg watermellon
2 canteloupe
1 honeydew
2 lbs each red green grapes
2lbs strabwrries

meal 3-5pm
Caesar salad 6 heads romaine?
two 2 1/2 in full steam trays baked penne
two 2 1/2 in trays chicken marsala over thin layer pasta
sausage/peppers onion ??HOW MUCH? REQUESTED BY GRAD - I would skip otherwise do i need small rolls for this?
garlic bread ? 6 loaves french bread sliced lengthwise?

I will also have 2 lbs gluten free pasta and a gluten free 9x13 with entire sheet cake for dessert.

My husband can't wait for this to be over! He keeps finding my "lists" everywhere around the hosue. Party is for our oldest daughter. Mostly adults and few of her closest friends only.

Forgot. I have 15 lbs meatballs made approx 150
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