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My Daughter Engagement Party for 7o people
Hi Ellen , impressive website,
I am making antipasto, 4 leg of lamb roasts, 4 kilos of stuffed grape leaf, rice pilaff( rice, meat, nut), roast potato and veggies, 2 kinds of salads, chicken skewers, beat meat skewers and shrimp skewers.
I want it know how much chicken and meat should I buy
Hi, Carmen,

Lovely party, the only concern about amounts would be the shrimp skewers, as people tend to be greedy about shrimp on buffet service.

Legs of lamb vary in size, you want at least 30 pounds, up to 40.

chicken skewers,
beat meat skewers (beef?)
Do one full skewer of each per guest
shrimp skewers
Do 2 small skewers per guest

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