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Luau for 100-150 ladies and young girls
Jessica Wenger
Hi Ellen, Thank you so much for your site. I refer to every year when cooking for my church. I don't see any info on hosting luaus. We are planning to serve Shoyu chicken over rice rather than roasting a whole pig. How much chicken and rice should I plan for a group this size. We plan to have fresh fruit,vegetable kabobs, and bread with it as well as assorted desserts.
You want 1 pound raw chicken meat per 3, which is 2 pounds whole chicken per 3.
Since this usually is served over a big plate of rice, do at least 10 pounds dry rice per 100

Do have some kabobs made with vegetarian "meat" from the produce case or freezer case, for any vegetarian guests.

Lok at this site for some ideas on Hawaian style veg dishes, it would be nice to add one:

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