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Cook Talk

Catering for 125 people
We are hosting a dinner for our church event. We decided on roast beef, chicken breast and legs, mashed potatoes, gravy, mini rolls for sandwiches or bread and buttered, Baked ziti, veggie trays, fruit salad, cheese and cracker trays, sparkling punch bowls, (along with Kool-Aid, lemonade and water, and various desserts. How much of each should we do? We have to delegate who is going to cook what and there are 16 of us cooking and buying all of the ingredients.
roast beef, slow cooked shoulder clod, ala Cracker Barrel, best for this. 1 pound boneless raw per 4, Someone needs to serve the first round.
chicken breast and legs, split the breasts into 2 smaller pieces, 402 gallons breasts and 40 legs

mashed potatoes, 45 pounds
gravy, 2 gallons

mini rolls for sandwiches or bread and buttered,
about 15 pounds

Baked ziti, 1 pound per 10, about 1 quart sauce per pound

veggie trays, use veggie tray page, do for 100
fruit salad, see fruit tray page for both trays and salads. Trays are easier, hold better, look prettier...

cheese, 1 pound per 12
cracker trays, 6 pounds per 100- about 8 all together

sparkling punch bowls, along with Kool-Aid, lemonade and water, about 8 gallons

various desserts, use the dessert planning page for guidance on this

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