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Cook Talk

Is there a overall weight guide per person ?
Having a wedding 110 people.
40 medium various wild fires pizzas cooked by venue.
But Im organizing others below and it's this part that stumps me am unsure of how many pounds of each to get. Any type of rough quantitys would be great.Menu is
Sliced ham
Marinated octopus
Mixed antipasto
Brie cheese wheels
Sliced Jalsberg cheese
2 types of dips
1ft diameter wide Turkish breads for dips
Never catered for this amount. is there an approx pound per head rule? Along with pizzas am not sure weather to get 10 pound of ham or 20 pound and so on.
To equate to say 1 pound per head....??
Many caterers allow 1 pound per head for receptions, 1 1/2 for dinners.

This is a slightly unusual menu

Sliced ham- deli thin slice, 1 pound per 10-12
Salami- 1 pound per 10-12
Marinated octopus- 1 ounce per person
Mixed antipasto- depends, if veggie, 1 pound per 5
Brie cheese wheels- 1 ounce per person
Sliced Jarlsberg cheese- 1 pound per 10
2 types of dips- 1/4 cup each per person
1ft diameter wide Turkish breads for dips- 2 ounces per person

Consider adding a BIG green salad, see the plan for 100 page.

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