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dinner 225
I am catering a dinner for 225 people. They want: pasta salad. Boneless skiles breaded chicken, roast beef mashed potatoes & gravy, mostaccioli & meatsauce, bread & butter. Could you tell me how much of the above I will need? Thanking you for yoir help. Cheryl
Cheryl, this can't be the complete menu; salad, veggies, fruit?

Boneless skinless breaded chicken, 3 ounce piece per person
roast beef, 1 pound raw boneless per 3. Have someone serve the first round
mostaccioli & meat sauce, 1 pound pasta per 10, 1 quart sauce per pound

mashed potatoes & gravy, 80 pounds potatoes, some left

pasta salad, 12 pound pasta
This is an odd choice with all the other starches. Try to get them to switch to salads and/or veggies here

bread & butter, 25 pounds bread, 6-7 pounds butter

If this is a paid gig, please make a donation, maybe a nickel or dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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