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Birthday party for 35 adults
Hi Ellen! I need help on the quantities of sides please, which we are making. It's a 5pm event. We ordered from a caterer: 12 lbs tri-tip, 18 quarters of chicken, and 8 racks of pork ribs. We are serving potato, pasta, and caprese salads and baked beans, sliced watermelon, garlic bread and chips. I have also ordered 3 9" cakes. Thanks!
Nice menu.

potato salad, 10 pounds potatoes
pasta salad, 2 pounds dry pasta
caprese salads, 1 roma tomato per person, 2 ounces fresg mozzarella

baked beans, 1 1/2 gallons

sliced watermelon, 1/2 pound per person

garlic bread, 4 pounds

chips, 1 pound per 12
1 pint salsa or dip per pound

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