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Graduation Party for 100

We are having a graduation party for 100 people. I'm planning the following menu. Could you let me know if the amounts are sufficient? Thanks!

120 pieces of fried chicken
60 pieces of sub (turkey, cold cut, roast beef)
10 pounds pulled pork
15 pounds mac & cheese
10 pounds potato salad
3 gallons cole slaw
2 large fruit platters (Chick-Fil-A; serves 60)
pasta salad (6 lbs. pasta)
vegetable platter

You are actually a little ahead on some items. This is what I would do:

120 pieces of fried chicken-80 to 100
60 pieces of sub (turkey, cold cut, roast beef)- OK
10 pounds pulled pork- this will make over 40 sandwiches, 6-8 would be OK, dont forget rolls, pickles, sliced onions
15 pounds mac & cheese- if this is cooked weight, consider 20 pounds (about 8 pounds dry pasta)
10 pounds potato salad- this is just over a gallon, do 3
3 gallons cole slaw- OK
2 large fruit platters (Chick-Fil-A; serves 60)-OK
pasta salad (6 lbs. pasta) with the mac and cheese, and potato salad, 4 would be plenty
vegetable platter - use the veggie tray page, do about 5 pieces per person.

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