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Need Amounts Please
I'm having a party in August,part of the food will be catered,part I will make,we will have 40 guests(mostly adults).I need to know how many cans of pork and beans I need(I doctor them up with brown sugar,catsup) How many heads of romaine and iceberg lettuce(I like to make my own salad,not the bag stuff)how much salad dressing,how much pasta for pasta salad. HOw many loaves of alb french bread for garlic bread.
Also,do you have a recipe for margaritas for maybe 30? I don't drink so I 'm not sure how much tequila I need.
Thanks in advance!
Need Amounts Please-40 people
pork and beans- I use 4 #10 cans for 100

romaine and iceberg lettuce- 4 pounds by weight, maybe some add-ins
salad dressing- 1 1/2 quarts (5-6 8 ounce bottles,) at least Ranch, low fat ranch and Italian

pasta for pasta salad, 2 pounds for 30, 2 1/2 for 40 plus add-ins

loaves of alb french bread 4-5 pounds

Buy good quality tequila and real Cointreau or Triple Sec for best results. 60 margaritas, good quality restaurant style:

10-15 cups tequila (a standard bottle holds 3 cups)(they are strong with the 15 cups)
7-1/2 cups triple sec or Cointreau
6 cups fresh lime juice (you can use bottled, but fresh or frozen is tastier)
6 cups sweetened lime juice (Roses' for example
24 cups ice
kosher salt
60 lime wedges

For each drink measure 2 ounces (1/4 cup) of the margarita mixture into a cocktail shaker. If you have a 2-ounce ladle that you can keep in the pitcher, measuring goes much faster. Add ice cubes (5 cubes for 1, 8 for 2, 10 for 3). Secure the lid and top and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Strain into the salt crusted glasses

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