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bar B Que for 45
Hello Like many of the post I am having an event (Bar B Que) Party for about 45 guests. I have an idea for the meats but think that I am planning to much. I will serve:
6 slabs of ribs
50 Pieces for Chicken (legs and thighs)
10 kielbasa Links
Bugers and Dogs
Plus sides Pasta Salad, Corn on cob, cabbage, Green salad, watermelon, cake and Ice Cream, veggies, cheese etc.
Yes, too much. Suggest you omit the burgers and dogs completely.Ribs, you want about 2-3 per person, depends on size, 2 often enough.

Pasta Salad, 3 pounds dry pasta.
Corn on cob, 1 piece per person, few extra
cabbage, 8 pounds
Green salad, use plan for 100, do scant 1/2
watermelon, about 1 pound per 3 with the other foods
cake a full sheet cake or 2 layer half sheet makes 60 servings
Ice Cream, just on the side , about 2 gallons

veggies, cheese etc. appetizers? See the veggie tray page. Allow 1 pound cheese per 12-15 guests, couple pounds crackers.

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