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Salad Bar for 100 - qty's required
Hi All,

Nearly at the point of buying ingredients for a salad bar buffet for 100 to 130 people. I'm needing to buy the following items and would love your answers to what qty's you all think I need to buy to have enough for everybody.

They'll all be served in bowls and replaced as needed on the day.

Lettuce heads - iceberg -shredded/loose
Spinach/Rocket Mix - mixed in bowls
Tomatoes - I'll be slicing these myself
Cold Corn Kernels
Grated Carrot
Potatoes (potato salad) I'll be making myself.

I'm also hiring a mobile fridge on a trailer so any ideas on how I can store all this pre cut/prepared items into say tubs or something what be great too.


If you will email me using the contact link at the bottom of the page, I will forward a guide to salad bars for 100. I also suggest you do grape or cherry tomatoes, not sliced, very popular, keep better and MUCH less work.

35 pounds of potatoes for the potato salad, many excellent specialty recipes this site. If you add pasta salad, you would start with 5-6 pounds dry pasta.

You are doing some cheese, chopped egg or other protein option?

Anyway, write. Also tell me what else is being served and whether these will be side salads or entree salads, it makes a difference of the amounts.

Salad for 100, salad for 150
For general salad info, go to the first section of the plan for 100 page- link is at the top of the main cook talk page. For 150, just do 1 1/2 times the amount for 100.
Hi Ellen, Yes definitely doing protein I have about 10 to 15 deli meat platters being pre made feed 8 to 10 each - and these are being delivered the day before along with about 15 hot roast chickens cut 8 portions which are being picked up on the day. I was thinking it's for a wedding but it's not a formal wedding, the bride (me) and groom after ceremony are going to the reception with the guests first so they're not waiting there too long before food and I thought I could cut out needing any major appetizers that way. We are then getting some photos taken whilst everyone utilises the buffet and we have plenty of seating in an outdoor setting but again it's not a 'sit down' meal, so I want everyone to mingle with each other for a couple of hours and then a few stand up speeches will be performed. I'm just going to have some nuts and easily distributed snacks on the table throughout the day as well. I have about 10 people helping me the day before with prep of the salad so I have plenty of hands on deck to get it all done in time.

Lettuce heads - iceberg -shredded/loose- 5 pounds
Spinach/Rocket Mix - mixed in bowls- 6 pounds
Tomatoes - I'll be slicing these myself- 12-15 pounds (get cherry/grape! Get cherry/grape)
Cold Corn Kernels 6 quarts, but consider mixing up a corn/blackbean salsa a day or 2 ahead, 2 gallons 1 quart; or adding 2 gallons 3 bean salad?
Olives- assorted whole, 1 gallon
Grated Carrot- 6 pounds
Onion- 5 pounds or get green onions?
Cucumber-12 large

shredded cheese, about 5 pounds, little croutons, about 5 pounds

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