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wedding reception
annette Miller
Hello! We are having a reception for our daughter. We are having 9 0z. fruit cups and I need to know how many watermelon, cantaloupe and red grapes to buy. We are planning on 200 people. It's getting close and I'm freaking out! Thanks!
Take deep breaths, and don't let the fruit cups overwhelm the celebration of love.
It takes about 4 gallons of ready to eat fruit to make 100 half cup servings, and you need more like 3//4 to 1 cup, so say 7 gallons per 100.

Fruit that are eaten pretty much "as is", such as apples, grapes, strawberries, take about 8 pounds to make a gallon.

Peel heavy fruit like oranges, grapefruit, take about 10 pounds per gallon

Watermelon, other melons, 11-12 pounds

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