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HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Hi Ellen, is it acceptable to do Cereal bar after 3:00 pm for HS grad open house? My son eats cereal all and any time of the day, gave him the choice of what he would like to have served. Would plan for 150 - 200 guests.
Wondering what else I should serve and quantities.
Was thinking fresh fruit and either doughnut tower or muffins.
Many other open houses the same day that usually serve pulled pork, taco bags and other typical foods.
Thanks for any and all help!!!! Amy
HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Stepping out to see-reality! What an excellent idea, and a nice break from the usual! I have done some research and collected some ideas for you.

It sound like you are talking about a sort of cereal dessert buffet including really colorful, "bad for you" kids' dry cereals. Here are some articles with great pictures of various set ups:
See especially the menu page for inspiration!
Their Facebook page is:

You could go with a dozen or up to 30 varieties of everyone’s favorite quick-and-easy breakfast choices—from Cocoa Puffs to Special K to Cap’n Crunch, inviting people to mix and match.

Toppings? sliced strawberries, blueberries M&Ms, yogurt, sliced bananas (dip in orange juice to prevent browning) and many more- look at my ice cream sundae bar page for more ideas

Icy cold milk, maybe put the milk in the freezer for a few minutes before putting it into big bowls of ice-using wine carafes, maybe- skim for the healthy, chocolate for sugar fiends, strawberry milk, Peanut Butter Milk, and vanilla soy or almond for the non-dairy people. Glasses- could be shot glass size- for drinking some, if desired.

A make your own granola station is an additional option, raisins, coconut, dried fruits, etc.

Yogurt and ice cream for cereal parfaits?

You could present the cereal in large old-fashioned glass jars with lift-off lids. You can get these at Target - they look very rustic and are great to serve ice tea and lemonade in as well. Hold about 2 gallons of fluid. They're thick glass and heavy which helped to keep them from falling over from the kids scooping out the cereal. Small metal "scoopers" placed in front of each jar and different levels of colorful cereal selections. The glass lets you see what you want as you approach the bar. The bowls are presented with the spoons at this bar.

An alternative is to serve the cereals in (plastic-lined) galvanized pails or large plastic beach buckets. If you are going with the bucket idea, you could use small shovels/scoops as for beach sand. You could add metal troughs, and decorate with mini hay bales, checkered cloths; or go for a beach theme? Maybe find some of those old fashioned glass milk bottles for the milk.

Think about what direction you want to go in, how many cereals and what types, etc, and write back, I will try to help with amounts-

HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Thanks for the resources. I have found many on Pinterest and am leaning towards the heavy glass serving dishes with a "son"shine theme. Sunflowers ect.
Would use 6 to 8 different types of cereal, like the idea of cereal parfaits.
Would like to try keeping milk cold in a beverage dispenser with the ice in the center column. Not sure that will work.
Instead of cake maybe a doughnut tower or would different types of muffins be easier to serve and less messy. Or some Trix bars, Special K bars, Rice Krispi bars..ect. Set up in the form of a cake.
Have checked out the fresh fruit section and am planning on serving that also.
Have invites for 200 mix of all ages.
Looking for amounts of milk,cereal,oj and apple juice.
Would it be ok to serve in disposable? (not wanting to be on dish duty)
Thinking this is going to be FUN!!!
HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Yes, disposable is OK.

This is breakfast for 100 people:
Cold cereals
these are teens, so I would say, 1 pound per 6
3 1/2 gallons milk or soy milk for the the cereal

Many will take a full 8 ounces of juice unless you only have 4 ounce glasses- 1 quart per 4- nearly 2/3 oj, 1/3 apple- but with all the new juices, take a look at the many other choices; and if you offer crushed ice people will use it

for drinking milk, 4 gallons per 100

Yes both muffins and donuts would be fine, possibly mini muffins- see the breakfast planning page for help.

Takes about 3 gallons of ice cream or yogurt to make parfaits for 100.

Amy Rinde
HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Thanks for all your help!!!
Yes this is breakfast for all, to be served at the open house. From 3-6 pm, would it still be a hit?
HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
I believe they will all be so grateful not to have pulled pork or sloppy joes that it will be the hit of the season- and besides, as you said first off, it is what your boy asked for.
amy rinde
HS Grad party Cereal "Bar"
Thank you again Ellen for all your help.I will be back next year for another Grad Party :) Thinking smoothies...
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