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Wedding - menu and quantities for 300
I am going to serve the below at a wedding (buffet style) and wanted to know if my quantities looked ok and if you had any suggestion on another salad, veggie or fruit. Thanks so much for the help with this:

Grilled Chicken Breasts - 75lbs
Beef Tips - 100lbs raw bottom round + sauce
Mashed Potatoes - 1/2 cup x 300
Long Grain & Wild Rice Blend - 1/2 cup x 300
Green Salad with dressings on the side
Another salad or fruit - suggestions?
Dinner rolls - 1 med roll each

For a party, I always try to have 4 things on the plate, so consider adding 2 vegetables; broccoli and a corn or corn carrot mix? 20 pounds each per 100.the chicken/rice- 1 cup per 5-6.
Have some kind of sauce for
I allow 2 rolls per person, Bread is cheap.

You need an appetizer table? I have written about this on several threads.

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