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Cook Talk

Fund Raiser for about 150 people
We are having a fund raiser for a mission trip for my son. we are doing a full 100 lb pig roast! I need sides and don't know how much of each How much does gallons convert to lbs. when you are talking about potato salad and cole slaw. what else do you suggest? we were thinking veggie tray-what are good desserts that feed a lot?
If you are making yourself, just use my quantities and recipes and you will be fine. If you are buying, a gallon is about 8 pounds, they run lighter than home made.

Pasta salad is easier than potato, as you don't have to peel; use butterflies, rigatoni, radiatorre- any of the firmer smaller shapes- to holder better.

good desserts that feed a lot? Dump cakes, sheet cakes or cobblers; 9x13 cuts 12, full sheet cuts 60

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