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Cook Talk

advise on fried chicken
P Hogrefe
I'm helping my brother cook his sons wedding dinner. They are wanting fried chicken. How do you keep the breading on the chicken, they're wanting to use roasters.
I have to tell you, I NEVER recommend home-fried fried chicken for any party over 20 people. It is almost impossible to do good fried chicken that will hold for more than this many people without commercial equipment, it takes a lot of cooks, and has to be prepared just prior to serving, which means the cooks don't go to the wedding!

This is one item that many different restaurants do well and cheaply, and will deliver. My strongest suggestion is to have it catered in. Their recipes hold better, too.

This frees everyone else to do the rest, bringing a DIY reception more within the realm of possibility.

There are several different wedding chickens in sauce on this site that can be prepared ahead and frozen, and they are delicious and will hold in a roaster. If intent on doing the chicken entree themselves, they might taste- test a couple of these.

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