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Watermelon Arugula Feta Cheese Salad for 100
Betty Ann
I am making this watermelon salad for 100 and want to know how much watermelon and arugula I will need for 100 8 oz. servings.
Also Pasta salad for 100 8 oz. servings. How much pasta will I need?
To get about 20 pounds of usable melon, you need to buy about 28 pounds whole melon.

watermelon, 5 ounces = about 32 pounds usable melon
arugula, 1 1/2 ounces = 1 pound per 10 (this is a pretty big pile of arugula)
feta, 1 ounce (2 1/2 tablespoons, approximately)= 6 1/4 pounds

The pasta, I start with 6 pounds dry for 100 to make a buffet level service, allowing some seconds. You could probably do 5 pounds. Partially depends on the amount of add-ins.

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