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lassi (indian)
HI .

I am planning to make lassi ( different varieties for 100 people) can i a make ahead of time and will it stay this is for outside fair.

The flavors i had in mind is avocado, gulkand and mango lassi also can u help me how much quantity yogurt i need we get 5 pounds in indian store.

I am planning to give 14 0z glass per person.



Monita, if you mix it ahead, it may discolor; try it at home and see.

Mashed avocado is available frozen at most restaurant supply stores and packaged refrigerated at some groceries. This does not discolor unless opened-

Also, there is no way to know what preference people will have. You would be much better off mixing the avocado, mango puree, or rose petal jam to order- you could run the jam through a blender to get an homogenized syrup-
For a 14 ounce glass, 12 ounces yogurt and 2 ounces flavor; that is 3/4 pound yogurt per serving, so a 5 pound container would make about 7. However, most yogurt is thick, so some people add a little water for lassi, go you could figure 8.

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