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Birthday party serving carribean food over 11 hour
Hey Ellen, I have hired a venue for 11 hours for my sons 1st birthday party and will be serving rice and curry goat, BBQ chicken, macaroni, bakes and patties along with the basic treats and hardo bread and roti. There will be just over 100 guests. 60 adults and 50 kids, how much in terms of quantity do u think I need for each food type I'm serving. I was planning on doing 6 food serving from between 3pm -9pm. The party is from 1-11pm. I have brought 3 big bags of pasta. I plan to make three big pan of rice 1 big pot of curry goat four dishes of macaroni and buy about 80-100 pieces of chicken.
Vanessa, do you expect people to stay the whole time, or is it a come and go? And what do you mean by "bakes" and "patties"? If this is the whole time, it is over 2 meals and you might want to plan 2 different services- one hot dinner and one cold snacky one, for example.
Are all the children going home/ to bed early?
Will you be serving alcoholic beverages for the adults?
Please write and tell me more about your plans.
Hey Ellen, thanks for replying so quickly. Baked is the same thing as dumplings and patties are like little pastry snacks with mince inside. I will be serving alcohol and some will come and go. Some kids will stay until the end but some will leave. Some adults will arrive later than others and leave earlier than others. I planned to do 6 servings between 3-9pm. I have these chaffet trays which will keep the food hot for the duration of 3-9pm. So I will be serving warm food. Also some people may just have macaroni by it self or may just have chicken and rice or curry goat and rice but few will want abit of everything. I just don't want to run out of food. Do u think four dishes of macaroni are fine, a huge pot of curry goat, 3 pots of rice, 80/100 pieces of chicken, 160 patties and 200 dumplings. They are not fried dumplings more like a pastry ball. Thank you
Hi Vanessa, thanks for the nite. What I really can't figure is this: if someone stays the whole time, would eat 2 meals-worth of foods.if they are come-and-go- they would eat one. Is there any way you can estimate the total number of meals you need to serve? Also, how big are the dishes and pots? Also, what is the usual serving of the patties and dumplings? Do people really take just one?

For example, for each 100 meals you need to cook about 10 pounds of raw rice, and I don't know how big your pans are. Try to get very specific about the the weights of meats, rice and pasta/macaroni. Write back.

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